URL Format#

Repo type and address is RFC3986 style URLs. You may recognize this from pip’s VCS URL format.

Config locations#

You can place the file in one of three places:

  1. Home: ~/.vcspull.yaml

  2. XDG home directory: $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/vcspull/

    Example: ~/.config/vcspull/myrepos.yaml

    XDG_CONFIG_HOME is often ~/.config/vcspull/, but can vary on platform, to check:

    $ echo $XDG_CONFIG_HOME
  3. Anywhere (and trigger via vcspull sync -c ./path/to/file.yaml sync [repo_name])



This structure is subject to break in upcoming releases.

      origin: git_repo_url


    url: git+
      upstream: git+
      marksteve: git+
      tony: git+ssh://[email protected]/tony/kaptan.git

To pull kaptan:

$ vcspull sync kaptan

Christmas tree

config showing off every current feature and inline shortcut available.

    linux: git+git://
    freebsd: git+
    sphinx: hg+
    docutils: svn+
        url: git+
            upstream: git+
            marksteve: git+
            tony: [email protected]:tony/kaptan.git
        url: [email protected]:tony/vim-config.git
        url: [email protected]:tony/tmux-config.git

Code scholar

This file is used to checkout and sync multiple open source configs.


  awesome: 'git+git://'
  weechat: 'git+git://'
  retroarch: 'git+'
  linux: 'git+'
  freebsd: 'git+'
  ncmpc: 'git+git://'
  tmux: 'git+git://'
  git: 'git+'
  postgres: 'git+'
  pgadmin3: 'git+git://'
  sandy: 'git+'
  understate: 'git+'
  util-cursor: 'git+git://'
  zsh: 'git+git://'
  cpython: 'hg+'
  vim: 'hg+'
  nginx: 'hg+'
  vimpc: 'git+'
  mpd: 'git+git://'
  libmpd: 'git+git://'
  ncmpcpp: 'git+git://'
  libmpdclient: 'git+git://'
  node: 'git+'
  libzmp: 'git+'
  doubanfm-qt: 'git+'
  retroarch-phoenix: 'git+'
  clementine: 'git+'
  amarok: 'git+git://'
  async: 'git+'
  request: 'git+git://'
  express: 'git+'
  node-optimist: 'git+'
  commander.js: 'git+' 
  colors.js: 'git+git://'
  uglify.js: 'git+git://'
  connect: 'git+git://' 'git+'
  node-mkdirp: 'git+'
  jade: 'git+'
  redis: 'git+'
  node-uuid: 'git+'
  node-mime: 'git+'
  mime-magic: 'git+'
  debug: 'git+'
  winston: 'git+'
  less.js: 'git+'
  less: 'git+'
  todo: 'git+'
  http-control: 'git+'
  cradle: 'git+'
  journey: 'git+'
  pilgim: 'git+'
  node-glob: 'git+'
  jsdom: 'git+'
  node-mongodb-native: 'git+'
  node-pkginfo: 'git+'
  nodejs-intro: 'git+'
  wrench-js: 'git+'
  grunt: 'git+'
  moment: 'git+'
  q: 'git+'
  mocha: 'git+'
  node-semvar: 'git+'
  handlebars.js: 'git+'
  underscore.string: 'git+'
  node-oauth: 'git+'
  vows: 'git+'
  cheerio: 'git+'
  node-mysql: 'git+'
  node-querystring: 'git+'
  node-browserify: 'git+'
  node-http-proxy: 'git+'
  through: 'git+'
  superagent: 'git+'
  supertest: 'git+'
  npm: 'git+'
  passport-oauth: 'git+'
  watch: 'git+'
  hogan.js: 'git+'
  mustache: 'git+'
  node-temp: 'git+'
  node-sprintf: 'git+'
  nodeunit: 'git+'
  cli-color: 'git+git://'
  node-jshint: 'git+'
  node-static: 'git+'
  passport: 'git+'
  shelljs: 'git+'
  tutorial-nodejs-cli: 'git+'
  cli-table: 'git+'
  mongoose: 'git+'
  browserbuild: 'git+' 'git+' 'git+' 'git+' 'git+'
  knox: 'git+'
  jsonp: 'git+'
  node-tar: 'git+'
  node-bindings: 'git+'
  node-fs-extra: 'git+'
  chai: 'git+'
  grunt-lib-contrib: 'git+'
  node-irc: 'git+'
  jasmine-node: 'git+'
  node-querystring: 'git+'
  highlight.js: 'git+'
  backbone.deepmodel: 'git+'
  underscore: 'git+'
  lodash: 'git+'
  backbone: 'git+'
  requirejs: 'git+'
  r.js: 'git+'
  volo: 'git+'
  create-responsive-template: 'git+'
  yeoman: 'git+'
  cajon: 'git+'
  jquery: 'git+'
  backbone.marionette: 'git+'
  backbone.wreqr: 'git+'
  backbone.babysitter: 'git+'
  flight: 'git+'
  bower: 'git+'
  codemirror: 'git+'
  doctorjs: 'git+'
  jmespath: 'git+'
  anyvcs: 'git+'
  pip: 'git+git://'
  ipdb: 'git+'
  virtualenv: 'git+'
  jinja2: 'git+'
  flask: 'git+'
  flask-script: 'git+'
  frozen-flask: 'git+'
  werkzeug: 'git+'
  logbook: 'git+'
  cjklib: 'git+'
  pudb: 'git+'
  ipython: 'git+'
  blessing: 'git+'
  salt: 'git+'
  salt-ui: 'git+'
  salt-formulae: 'git+'
  salt-api: 'git+'
  salt-cloud: 'git+'
  salt-vagrant: 'git+'
  salt-contrib: 'git+'
  sqlalchemy: 'git+'
  wtforms: 'git+'
  botocore: 'git+'
  libcloud: 'git+'

  argcomplete: 'git+'

  lxml: 'git+'

  httpbin: 'git+'
  envoy: 'git+'
  legit: 'git+'
  tablib: 'git+'
  requests: 'git+'
  grequests: 'git+'

  kr-sphinx-themes: 'git+'

  gist-api: 'git+'

  pystache: 'git+'
  pandas: 'git+'
  ncmpy: 'git+'

  gevent: 'git+'
  tornado: 'git+'

  soundcloud-cli: 'git+'
  pyradio: 'git+'

  sh: 'git+'
  envoy: 'git+'

  glances: 'git+'
  powerline: 'git+'
  jieba: 'git+'
  storm: 'git+'
  fabric: 'git+'
  ansible: 'git+' 'git+'
  buildbot: 'git+'
  beets: 'git+'
  magicmethods: 'git+'

  gateone: 'git+'
  glue: 'git+'
  objbrowser: 'git+'

  pythagora: 'git+'
  youtube-dl: 'git+'
  twisted: 'git+'

  ckan: 'git+'
  hackthebox: 'git+'
  mediagoblin: 'git+git://'
  ckan: 'git+'
  reddit: 'git+'

  python_koans: 'git+'
  python-guide: 'git+'
  #introduction_to_sqlalchemy: 'git+'
  probabilistic-programming-and-beyesian-methods: 'git+'
  python-patterns: 'git+'
  learn-pandas: 'git+'

  w3lib: 'git+'
  scrapy: 'git+'
  scrapely: 'git+'

  calibre: 'git+git://'

  kaptan: 'git+'
  aws-cli: 'git+'

  youcompleteme: 'git+'

  ranger: 'git+git://'

  readthedocs: 'git+'
  django: 'git+'
  norman: 'hg+'
  bpython: 'hg+'
  urwid: 'hg+'
  sphinx: 'hg+'
  sphinx-contrib: 'hg+'
  pexpect-u: 'hg+'
  pygments: 'hg+'
  docutils: 'svn+'



For git remotes using SSH authorization such as use git+ssh:

git+ssh://[email protected]/tony/kaptan.git