1.1.0 2018-03-11

  • [Support]: README tweaks
  • [Support]: Fix travis tests via pip install -u mock in .travis.yaml.
  • [Support]: Update to new documentation domain at vcspull.git-pull.com
  • [Support]: Update more documentation domain at vcspull.git-pull.com
  • [Support]: Various package updates for support infrastructure, including pytest and sphinx
  • [Support]: Update libvcs to 0.3.0
  • [Support]: Move to new organization, vcs-python

1.0.1 2016-11-24

  • [Bug] #43: - fix missing test dependency on anaconda by updating libvcs

1.0.0 2016-09-13

  • [Feature] #38: Improve SVN and git support, thanks @jcfr!
  • [Feature] #41: Transition tests from unittest to pytest
  • [Feature] #41: Transition uses libvcs backend
  • [Bug] #34: Fix missing mock library, thanks @jfcr
  • [Support] #36:, [Support] #37: Documentation updates from @jcfr
  • [Support] #35: Don’t run mercurial tests if hg(1) missing, by @jcfr
  • [Support] #40: Major API refactorings and removal of unused code, see the api reference for more.

0.9.0 2016-05-26

  • [git] [tests]: fix git+https remotes #14, add regression tests.
  • [internal]: major internal cleanup of dead code, pep8 style updates.
  • [api][internal]: Refactor vcspull.repo.Repo factory class into vcspull.repo.create_repo().
  • [cli] Experimental support for concurrently synchroniznig repos via multiprocessing.
  • Rename get_repos to filter_repos, simplify argument signature.
  • [internal] find_config renamed to find_config_files.
  • Drop Python 2.6 support
  • [internal] [dev] split up requirements into requirements/ folder.
  • [internal] [dev] Move .tmuxp.yaml commands to use Makefile
  • [internal] [dev] Add Makefile for watch_test (re-running tests on file change), watch_flake (re-running flake8 check on changes)
  • [internal] flake8 and sort imports
  • [config] [internal] repos are now passed around in a list of dict. vcspull.config.expand_config has been simplified.
  • [config] repo (the longform for the vcs url) is now url.
  • [cli] vcspull will use the beginning part of the argument to determine if its searching by vcs URL, repository name or system path.
  • [cli] [internal]: command line arg parsing now uses click library.

0.2.2 2015-07-10

  • [internal]: devendorize colorama

0.2.1 2015-06-12

  • [internal] [tests]: handle ERROR in git cloning, add tests. Fixes cases like ERROR: Repository not found.

0.2.0 2015-05-19

  • [docs]: Python API example
  • [docs]: Pydoc documentation for Repo usage.
  • [api]: Rename parent_path to cwd.
  • [api] Change the API of vcspull.repo.base.BaseRepo and vcspull.repo.Repo to accept arguments as kwargs

0.1.1 2015-05-09

  • [docs] add animated screencast preview for ReadTheDocs and README.rst
  • [cli] remove redundant message when adding remotes
  • [testing] Fix sniffer on Python 3

0.1.0 2015-04-30

  • [cli]: clarify error output when no repositories found
  • [cli]: support for specifying for config file path with -c.

0.0.10 2015-04-08

  • [cli]: vcspull now checks for configs in ~/.vcspull (yaml and json files) as well as the standard ~/.vcspull.{yaml,json} files.
  • [tests]: Refactor helpers. Tests should now run much faster.
  • [tests]: remove stub TestSuites insite of cli tests.
  • [tests]: consolidate tests from testsuite.cli into testsuite.config.
  • [internals]: split config-related functions into config module.
  • [cli]: fix message when adding remotes

0.0.9-1 2015-03-27

  • [internals]: remove extraneous url from stdout in git repositories.
  • [internals]: move to __about__.py convention for pulling package data.

0.0.9 2015-03-25

  • [docs]: Update docs to reflect updates on new commands and how to clone private / priveleged GitHub repos.
  • [config/vcs]: Exception for private / ssh GitHub repository URLs and message to change to correct format.
  • [cli]: -c / --config YAML / JSON file of repositories
  • [cli]: -r / --repomatch for matching directories, accepts fnmatch ‘s.
  • [cli]: -d / --dirmatch for matching directories, accepts fnmatch ‘s.
  • [internals]: move update() to update_dict() in utils.
  • [dev]: Clean up __init__.py imports
  • [dev]: support for tmuxp before_script to set up local virtualenv + dependencies.

0.0.8-4 2014-02-06

  • [cli] Update documentation when no config found to show yaml and json. Remove mentioning of conf.

0.0.8-3 2014-02-06

  • [logging] Issue #6 - fix issue where log templates would not concatenate correctly.

0.0.8-2 2014-02-05

  • [packaging] Fix issue where package_metadata.py missing from MANIFEST.in.

0.0.8-1 2014-02-05

  • [setup.py] remove history from readme

0.0.8 2014-02-05

  • [internals] use conventions from tony/cookiecutter-pypackage.
  • [docs] Fix section headings.
  • Use werkzeug/flask style unit test suites.

0.0.7 2014-01-07

  • unicode_literals, __future__ for python 3 support.
  • New logging system from pypa/pip with support showing current stderr (checkout, pull, cloning) progress.

0.0.6 2013-12-03

  • Renamed to vcspull.

0.0.5 2013-11-28

  • [py3] python 3 support
  • [git] handle cli case where git is on a different branch, just fetch repo.
  • [internal] fix recursive imports, using explicit importing
  • [tests] tests for loading multiple configs, config conflict cases

0.0.4 2013-11-25

  • [cli] Exit with Ctrl-C gracefully.
  • [config] [tests] Support for expanding environment variables in syntax with ${envvar} and ~.
  • [cli] autocomplete
  • [docs] update license docs for methods from salt (apache) and pip (mit).
  • [svn] [git] [hg] added functionality for pip’s netloc and vcs functionality.

0.0.3 2013-11-23

  • [pep257] [pep8] [logger] update vcspull.log module to latest code (from tmuxp project).
  • [cli] - fixed bug where logger would output message twice
  • [internal] remove developer logger message that would show when updating.
  • [docs] [examples] more docs and examples

0.0.2 2013-11-23

  • [tests] [git] more work on remotes with vcspull.repo.git.GitRepo.
  • [tests] Move tests for making directory paths to test_repo TestSuite.

0.0.2 2013-11-16

  • [version] reset to 0.1.0 w/o dev tag to begin releases.
  • [git] add some functions with saltstack to vcspull.repo.git.GitRepo.
  • [tests] refactor tests modules

0.0.1 2013-11-15

  • [cli] [tests] fix issue #1 for making directories recursively.

0.0.1 2013-11-15

  • [cli] [config] remove .ini support
  • [tests] tempfile.

0.0.1 2013-11-09

  • Move in code patterns from tmuxp. New logger, setup.py, testsuite structure, etc.
  • Add argcomplete.
  • pep257 to all modules.

0.0.1 2013-10-23

  • add example

0.0.1 2013-10-17

  • bump to 0.1.1
  • fix packaging issue, add MANIFEST.in

0.0.1 2013-10-08

  • move to semver

0.0.1 2013-10-06